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Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, In : Poem 
I toil for self approval, 
And work for bitter praise. 
Digging down into the 
Of a slowly growing grave. 
My bloody hands lie broken, 
And my shovel scrapes on 
Until the hole that I´ve been feeding, 
Is the only thing I own. 
I stand, alone and empty, 
And lose all hope within, 
I´ll keep digging to the bottom, 
Until they throw the dirt back in.

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Autumn Leaves

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Saturday, June 25, 2011, In : Poem 

The moon cast a muted glow in my darkened room

Trying to lift my spirit from gloom.

But her attempt was all in vain,

For in my heart, a deep rooted pain


I use to believe, all is ephemeral,

But my heartaches seem like eternal.

I grew tired wearing a clown's mask,

Hiding the shadow of sorrow in my eyes.


Yes I cried not for my loss........


The dreams we shared, I tried to live,

Started to fall like an autumn leaves..

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Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Saturday, June 25, 2011, In : Poem 

Sa gabi na walang tala.

Sa panahong mapanglaw.

Mga pusong di naawa.

Mga hinimok na pananalanta.

Sa bingit ng basag na salamin,

nabubulok na kahoy,

nalalantang bukid,

nagbabadyang alanganin,

kasiguraduhan ng hamak,


kawalan ng nagmamahalan.

Sa kawalan ng sinagtala,

sikat ng araw,

at kung kailang dapit hapon

at takipsilim ang nangingibabaw.

Heto’t payabungin ang baga,

ang liwanang ng kandila


Kailan Man Hindi ako Mawawala.

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In The Presence of An Angel

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Thursday, June 23, 2011, In : Poem 

Trying hard to perfect...
My mistakes...
Some kind of redemption, no protection...
Those dead days... I can't breath
Like I ruined... oh no... no!
Makes me sick
Definite hypocrite

Remember me, don't try to forget me
You made me afraid
You flourished while I decayed
Everyone said I was dead
Wandering like ghosts through my head
Your punishment found in flames...

I'm sorry, my love; pay no attention to them
They are what remain from a past that is dead
Can we be together?
It doesn't matter wh...

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I Wish Im a Phoenix

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Thursday, June 23, 2011, In : Poem 

I'm screaming behind this bars
On this world of selfish desire
Want no more than to escape
Free myself, that's I want to have.

But try hard as I might
I always get lost every night
Each passing day my strength grows weak
No one to hear me as I speak.

So I pray my breath to leave
Take away my life with it
Consume me with fire from hell
Go forth, you have a story to tell.

And leave me alone crying
With burning tears never ending
Making a pool of blood beneath my feet
My reflection laughing, ...

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The Day I Die

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Thursday, April 28, 2011, In : Poem 

Cry over my grave when I die,

That I could swim in the sea of your sorrow.

But please, never come in black,

I might get lost in the dark.

Keep the candle burning,

Never let the wind blow.

For as long as the flame is dancing,

I can find my way home.

To eternal bliss that can give me peace,

In your heart and mind, I shall rest.

When the sun bids you goodbye

and take refuge for the night,

I shall rise from my coffin

to give you warmth.

And when at night 

the moon refuse to glow,

worry not my love

for the stars w...

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