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Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Thursday, June 23, 2011, In : Poem 

Living again
The feeling's too familiar
Forgetting the end
To start yet another familiar beginning.

Pain of disbelief
Within this darkness you cast
I'm not there, and I don't want to be here
Come watch me shed my tears.

The undying connection
The misinterpretation of my heart's desires
The failure to understand could take me
Away to the self-providing world of insanity
There I will run in the open wilderness of the night
Running and hiding and searching for the one who will fight the fire

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Storm Hunter

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Thursday, June 23, 2011, In : Poem 

Searching through the trees
Today there's a strong breeze
Residual hauntings resonate here
Desecrated by disgraces who never tasted fear.

Haunting through the storm
For things I may never know
Seeing your stride in my mind
Walking free for all time.

Come see my thoughts
Memories you awakened
Not one time you fought
Will ever be forsaken.

With a shield of thunder
And a sword of lightning
Storm hunter, yes, I am
Deep inside shivering with pain.

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What a Fool is a Lover Could Be (A sad story...)

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Wednesday, May 4, 2011, In : Poem 

Diamonds shimmer 
in the depths of the 
calmest pond.
I reach for one, 
but I can't touch.
Instead I create a current
and stir the murky depths 
Mud and clay 
cloud the once clear pool.
Only evidence is washed away 
in a roaring wave.

The wave descends 
and shatters the once still air
Into the voices 
of a thousand tiny angels,
Each one crying out 
for a lost soul to save.

As the river breaks 
into the ocean of dreams,
I stare and wonder 
in it's magnificence.
Dare I?
I stand at the banks


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Let It Be

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Thursday, April 28, 2011, In : Poem 

Some days the right person comes along at the right time
and reaches inside the churning maw of chaos and doubt
we have slipped within
opens a hand
we take hold
and choose to walk out

It's funny how a few well-placed words can offer clarity
and the world tilts
slides open
a sigh escapes our weary hearts
and we realize we've been holding our breath
for years

And quite suddenly we know the singular joy
of sitting deeply in the stillness of our own truth
our power, our plenary selves 

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Read and ponder ....

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Wednesday, April 13, 2011, In : All About Life 

When we find someone whose uniqueness is in line with our's ...

we join him and fall into a similar oddity 

called LOVE ...

There are things that do not want us to disconnect,

People who do not want us to leave ...

But remember ... that's not the end of the world ..

but the beginning of a

new life ..


Happiness is for those who cry,

those who hurt,

those who have been looking ...

those who have been wanting..

and those who have tried ..

Because they can appreciate

how importan...

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How could someone with so little be so happy?

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Tuesday, April 5, 2011, In : All About Life 

"Thank you, Sir. Praise the Lord!" the old beggar exclaimed in clear English as I shove a five-peso coin into his hand. I was on my way to meet a friend at a restaurant near Raja Solaiman Park one rainy October day when I chance upon the kindly old man, charming passers-by for alms with his tooth-less smile and sunny disposition.

Minutes later, as I sat comfortably in the restaurant with my friend, the memory of the old man lingered in my mind. After our meal, we go to the spot where I left...

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Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Monday, March 21, 2011, In : All About Life 

'How's your day?' a question that on my bad days makes me grouse and rant a reply. But after that, I would vow silently for the umpteenth time, never to lose perspective again.

For many of us, work lays claim to our time and emotion, possessing us completely as any spouse or child. But those of us who think we have hard jobs can learn a lot from those who really do.

I wonder how some people manage to counsel rape victims, investigate murder scenes or a rescue victims on the aftermath of a disas...

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