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Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, In : Poem 
I toil for self approval, 
And work for bitter praise. 
Digging down into the 
Of a slowly growing grave. 
My bloody hands lie broken, 
And my shovel scrapes on 
Until the hole that I´ve been feeding, 
Is the only thing I own. 
I stand, alone and empty, 
And lose all hope within, 
I´ll keep digging to the bottom, 
Until they throw the dirt back in.

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Autumn Leaves

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Saturday, June 25, 2011, In : Poem 

The moon cast a muted glow in my darkened room

Trying to lift my spirit from gloom.

But her attempt was all in vain,

For in my heart, a deep rooted pain


I use to believe, all is ephemeral,

But my heartaches seem like eternal.

I grew tired wearing a clown's mask,

Hiding the shadow of sorrow in my eyes.


Yes I cried not for my loss........


The dreams we shared, I tried to live,

Started to fall like an autumn leaves..

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Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Thursday, June 23, 2011, In : Poem 

Living again
The feeling's too familiar
Forgetting the end
To start yet another familiar beginning.

Pain of disbelief
Within this darkness you cast
I'm not there, and I don't want to be here
Come watch me shed my tears.

The undying connection
The misinterpretation of my heart's desires
The failure to understand could take me
Away to the self-providing world of insanity
There I will run in the open wilderness of the night
Running and hiding and searching for the one who will fight the fire

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Storm Hunter

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Thursday, June 23, 2011, In : Poem 

Searching through the trees
Today there's a strong breeze
Residual hauntings resonate here
Desecrated by disgraces who never tasted fear.

Haunting through the storm
For things I may never know
Seeing your stride in my mind
Walking free for all time.

Come see my thoughts
Memories you awakened
Not one time you fought
Will ever be forsaken.

With a shield of thunder
And a sword of lightning
Storm hunter, yes, I am
Deep inside shivering with pain.

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Playing The Game

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Thursday, June 23, 2011, In : Poem 

Enter into an obscure world
Im a prisoner that is seen with the eye.
I am your soul
I am I
And I can see you right through... my view
As I wait for you... to watch me.

And I'm waiting
I'm creating
For you...

Take me to your world
Every day, your slave.
And I won't be a fool...
and I won't be afraid...

You betrayed
Play me now
Ruin my purity
Like silk from a spider... and I'm filthy.
I'll be it -- you'll see
You carry me around
Until you want to hear my sound
I once did too...
When instead ...

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In The Presence of An Angel

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Thursday, June 23, 2011, In : Poem 

Trying hard to perfect...
My mistakes...
Some kind of redemption, no protection...
Those dead days... I can't breath
Like I ruined... oh no... no!
Makes me sick
Definite hypocrite

Remember me, don't try to forget me
You made me afraid
You flourished while I decayed
Everyone said I was dead
Wandering like ghosts through my head
Your punishment found in flames...

I'm sorry, my love; pay no attention to them
They are what remain from a past that is dead
Can we be together?
It doesn't matter wh...

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I Wish Im a Phoenix

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Thursday, June 23, 2011, In : Poem 

I'm screaming behind this bars
On this world of selfish desire
Want no more than to escape
Free myself, that's I want to have.

But try hard as I might
I always get lost every night
Each passing day my strength grows weak
No one to hear me as I speak.

So I pray my breath to leave
Take away my life with it
Consume me with fire from hell
Go forth, you have a story to tell.

And leave me alone crying
With burning tears never ending
Making a pool of blood beneath my feet
My reflection laughing, ...

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Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Wednesday, May 4, 2011, In : Poem 

Lonely nights passed me by

and I thought I never had anything

But you came my way

and you gave me everything.


Time has passed us by

but we didn't realize anything

We talked all night

and that night we found everything


We saw something in each other

that would last a lifetime

and that night that we talked

I wanted to make u mine.


There was something about u

so I just followed my heart

so I told you and you told me

and now nothing can tear us apart.


You fell in love ...

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Forever.... You and Me

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Wednesday, May 4, 2011, In : Poem 

We have passed through so much time 
Merely existing as spirits soulfully entwined 
You happened across my path one day 
And decided that you’d like to stay. 
Now we look at each other 
And we are amazed at how far we’ve come 
How our spirits have grown 
And how quickly the seeds of our life were sown.
Someday, on the other side of forever 
We will look back and reflect 
How wonderful it was
How we’ve come to expect
More of ourselves and the world 
Knowing how truly wonderful life can b...

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Im Home....

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Wednesday, May 4, 2011, In : Poem 

The night was dark, cold, foreboding
The ark I had hoped never to need
Sat ready and self- sufficient, awaiting the drops
The sky opened with gusting winds 
and torrential rain
The new ocean tossed 
and tumbled my simple craft
All alone a midst waves and thunder
I sit in my misery and wonder if the light will come
Forty days and forty nights passed over my dark soul
As the last drop falls and eerie silence descends,
I feel a new hope spring forth
But the time is not yet right
For my peace-lov...

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What a Fool is a Lover Could Be (A sad story...)

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Wednesday, May 4, 2011, In : Poem 

Diamonds shimmer 
in the depths of the 
calmest pond.
I reach for one, 
but I can't touch.
Instead I create a current
and stir the murky depths 
Mud and clay 
cloud the once clear pool.
Only evidence is washed away 
in a roaring wave.

The wave descends 
and shatters the once still air
Into the voices 
of a thousand tiny angels,
Each one crying out 
for a lost soul to save.

As the river breaks 
into the ocean of dreams,
I stare and wonder 
in it's magnificence.
Dare I?
I stand at the banks


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Sentiments of Thy Heart

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Wednesday, May 4, 2011, In : Poem 

Even though you are so very far away,
You somehow seem nearer to me each day.
You are the life of my soul,
Making me feel whole.
You are the forever flaming fire,
Everything I could ever desire.
You are the spark of my dreams
All the ambition in my schemes.
You are my true best friend,
Someone whom I can always depend.
You are my star that guides,
Always there helping me to decide.
You are as close to me as can be,
Because you are a part of me.

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Let It Be

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Thursday, April 28, 2011, In : Poem 

Some days the right person comes along at the right time
and reaches inside the churning maw of chaos and doubt
we have slipped within
opens a hand
we take hold
and choose to walk out

It's funny how a few well-placed words can offer clarity
and the world tilts
slides open
a sigh escapes our weary hearts
and we realize we've been holding our breath
for years

And quite suddenly we know the singular joy
of sitting deeply in the stillness of our own truth
our power, our plenary selves 

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FAKE (a diary of mine 2007)

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Tuesday, March 29, 2011, In : Featured Articles from Friends 

Fake, thats all i am

My meaningless smile,

My hollow laugh,

It’s all an act.


Outside I’m happy

Inside i’m not,

My life is empty

My soul is dead.


I hide all the sadness,

I don’t want people to care,

I’m a useless cause

My sadness, I will not share.


As the emotions get stronger,

I have but one release

With one quick slash,

I finally Rest In Peace.

crash.. slit my wrist and calm down. 12x

and the pills sliding down my throat, with the liquid shamp0o.

pushing it down through my st0mach, i was blind, i...

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Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Wednesday, March 23, 2011, In : Love 

Your life’s a mystery,
mine is an openbook.
If I could read your mind,
I would’ve take a look.
What have you got to fight?
What would you need to prove?
Hiding with all life’s lies,
but that’s the only truth.
What have you got to say
of the shadow of the past?
What are you gonna be
willing to lose?
To gain someone special
to win your cause?
What have you got to hide?
Who will it compromise?
Where do we have to be?
So you can be happy
and I would be free?
How could we be so blind,
not to see the heart’...

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Flying with a Broken Wings

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Wednesday, March 23, 2011, In : All About Life 

How many times have I tried to scape
but until now I’m still a captive.
Behind the bars of your selfish love
trying desperately finding a way out.
Who could save me in this terrible plight?
Hold my hand and take away all the pain?
Open this cage where I’m in,
and show me the way where to begin?
Like a bird who just earn its freedom,
I shall fly towards the sky....
Even with a broken wings.

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Who I Wanna Be?

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Tuesday, March 22, 2011, In : All About Life 
I'd rather be a little boy with his head on the clouds,
doin' nothing but day dreaming of love.
Instead of the guy who sees the dark before the light,
the one who thinks he has everything under control...
when everything just reachin' the breaking point...

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This is Me

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Tuesday, March 22, 2011, In : All About Life 
The face of the dawn seems too far away,
For I can't wait to start my day.
New beginning, new stories unfold...
Creating yet another memory to hold.

This is me, yes, I am me...
I'm not a mystery....
Just living my life,
of who I want to be.

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Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Saturday, March 19, 2011, In : Poems & Photography 

See the path over which I trudged
had become a highway of opportunity
And realize that the road which once was
so rugged and steep,
was really a beautiful path
to the top of my world! 

(Photos by: Francis Castillo) 

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Whats in a Roof?

Posted by Lawrence Corpuz on Saturday, March 19, 2011, In : Poems & Photography 

Poets may praise a wattle thatch
Doubtfully waterproof;
Let me uplift my lowly latch
Beneath a rose-tiled roof.
Let it be gay and rich in hue,
Soft bleached by burning days,
Where skies ineffably are blue,
And seas a golden glaze.

(From the "Red-Tiled Roof" poem by Robert William) 
(Photo by: Francis Castillo)

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