I Wanna Fly! 

Do you ever look up and wish you could fly?

Once upon a time....

A baby eagle  got separated from his mother and landed upon a chicken farm. He was cared for and learned to act like a chickens act - that’s all he knew, because that’s all he was ever thought. Then one day he saw a big eagle flying overhead and something inside him stirred. He had always felt that there was something different about him.... Now he knew: he wanted to fly!

“Could I?” he wondered.

“How do I do it? What if I fall? Why I am stuck here in this barnyad, instead of being up in those treetops?”

Are you an eagle disguised as a chicken? Look up. See the eagle flying and know that you too can soar. Let go of the hows, what if’s and why’s that are holding you down. Then dust off your wings and soar! 

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