You know I can’t love for so many reasons

For I know I will break and suffer in prisons

But you still show me the things missing in my life

So I stayed in the shadows and deny the light


Then before I knew it, the pain already began

When somebody else ran with you and held your hand 

And then you came back, pretending that you love me

Yet I’m a fool for you to accept your sorry


Now I’ve learn my lesson and became a fighter

And I’ve buried my heart under six feet deeper

I removed my soul, I removed my emotions

Love is pathetic, numb to all infatuations


I will not cry anymore or shed any tear

My life’s a big bad karma and my name is fear

From the wounds from loving, my only hope is death

Let a faceless warlock curse me and take my last breath


Yes nobody came to raised me from my coffin

Absence of warmth and my heart stops on beating

I need no hand with a purple bracelet to ease

Please don’t visit my grave and let me rest in peace 

This poem was written by Mimo Uno and was posted on his FS-Blog.

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