Please...... Don't Forget to Remember Me 

Enigma plagues unknown answers, of what has transpired of this love. The audacity to leave me behind only to start a new beginning - has left me stumbling into a fruitless state -

I'm alive yet barely breathing.

Tangled in a web of chicanery-
searching for an escape from this intricate situation.
Faith is but a faint light of apple cinnamon scent-
nothing left to believe in for I'm now lead astray--

and I'm all alone; suffering.

Strenuous days follow- 
as I lay dormant in a casket of depression and uncertainties.
Tears cling to my wan cheeks of loss-
never quelling this discomfort.
Ingenuous was I, and yet--

I deserve to pay this price?

This may leave me in debt-
struggling to make frayed ends meet.
But I will smile each day for you have a beautiful beginning-
one of which you are most deserving of.

I just have one request before you go--

please don't forget to remember me 

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