Trying hard to perfect...
My mistakes...
Some kind of redemption, no protection...
Those dead days... I can't breath
Like I ruined... oh no... no!
Makes me sick
Definite hypocrite

Remember me, don't try to forget me
You made me afraid
You flourished while I decayed
Everyone said I was dead
Wandering like ghosts through my head
Your punishment found in flames...

I'm sorry, my love; pay no attention to them
They are what remain from a past that is dead
Can we be together?
It doesn't matter what they think
Everything is ruined now!
So I call upon the souls of my ancestors
Shouting my cry
Time for vindication...
time for vengeance...
Now they fear it,
Running fast to hide.

But this ain't right,
I can't believe what I was forced to do
From a mind desperately needing to find you
I only wanted to be comforted
And I dreamed, in the presence of an angel
I will fight 'til the end of my life
With delight, tonight...