A friend recently told me that he saw the picture I've posted on my facebook. Its about my New Year's resolution to quit on my smoking habit.At first, I've tried to keep that resolution. Every year, I produce a sadly familiar repertoire of aspirations dealing with that bad habit. I always mean well, but it's clear that I lack firmness of purpose.Well, to my mind, thats the essence of New Year's Resolution. It's a wet sponge, slurping up the black marks of the past, leaving a clean slate for the future. That resolution on quiting smoking, to my everlasting shame, fold by February --- the spirit is willing, but the flesh loses its temper. Still, it's not the breaking of resolutions that counts so much as the making. To make a resolution is to travel hopefully, to reach beyond one's grasp, to try a better life-style on for size, just in case --- this year --- I've finally grown big enough to fit into it.