Forever.... You and Me

May 4, 2011

We have passed through so much time 
Merely existing as spirits soulfully entwined 
You happened across my path one day 
And decided that you’d like to stay. 
Now we look at each other 
And we are amazed at how far we’ve come 
How our spirits have grown 
And how quickly the seeds of our life were sown.
Someday, on the other side of forever 
We will look back and reflect 
How wonderful it was
How we’ve come to expect
More of ourselves and the world 
Knowing how truly wonderful life can be 
Together forever, 

You and Me 

Im Home....

May 4, 2011

The night was dark, cold, foreboding
The ark I had hoped never to need
Sat ready and self- sufficient, awaiting the drops
The sky opened with gusting winds 
and torrential rain
The new ocean tossed 
and tumbled my simple craft
All alone a midst waves and thunder
I sit in my misery and wonder if the light will come
Forty days and forty nights passed over my dark soul
As the last drop falls and eerie silence descends,
I feel a new hope spring forth
But the time is not yet right
For my peace-lov...

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What a Fool is a Lover Could Be (A sad story...)

May 4, 2011

Diamonds shimmer 
in the depths of the 
calmest pond.
I reach for one, 
but I can't touch.
Instead I create a current
and stir the murky depths 
Mud and clay 
cloud the once clear pool.
Only evidence is washed away 
in a roaring wave.

The wave descends 
and shatters the once still air
Into the voices 
of a thousand tiny angels,
Each one crying out 
for a lost soul to save.

As the river breaks 
into the ocean of dreams,
I stare and wonder 
in it's magnificence.
Dare I?
I stand at the banks


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Sentiments of Thy Heart

May 4, 2011

Even though you are so very far away,
You somehow seem nearer to me each day.
You are the life of my soul,
Making me feel whole.
You are the forever flaming fire,
Everything I could ever desire.
You are the spark of my dreams
All the ambition in my schemes.
You are my true best friend,
Someone whom I can always depend.
You are my star that guides,
Always there helping me to decide.
You are as close to me as can be,
Because you are a part of me.

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Better than Bitter

April 28, 2011

Many people are afraid of getting involved again after the collapse of a relationship. Some people would call them embittered, but beneath bitterness is fear. We have been hurt. We are afraid of being hurt again so we stop trusting men, or women.

I don't want to be one of those persons. This is not to say that I don't have my own fears. I do. Sometimes my fears are so huge they feel as if they will engulf me. But I'm willing to sit quietly in the center of those fears until they become some...

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Let It Be

April 28, 2011

Some days the right person comes along at the right time
and reaches inside the churning maw of chaos and doubt
we have slipped within
opens a hand
we take hold
and choose to walk out

It's funny how a few well-placed words can offer clarity
and the world tilts
slides open
a sigh escapes our weary hearts
and we realize we've been holding our breath
for years

And quite suddenly we know the singular joy
of sitting deeply in the stillness of our own truth
our power, our plenary selves 

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Living My Life

April 28, 2011

Through sheer insanity, 

I jump off the ring of fire that kept me in prison, 

consuming all my strength. 

Then freed0m on the apex of it is finally on my reach, 

disregarding all the pessimisms, resentments and sarcasms.. 

I become whole again.. 

Which I've wanted years ago.. 

Mustering only a will power and an ounce of courage...

And a colossal amount of appreciation of life. 

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The Day I Die

April 28, 2011

Cry over my grave when I die,

That I could swim in the sea of your sorrow.

But please, never come in black,

I might get lost in the dark.

Keep the candle burning,

Never let the wind blow.

For as long as the flame is dancing,

I can find my way home.

To eternal bliss that can give me peace,

In your heart and mind, I shall rest.

When the sun bids you goodbye

and take refuge for the night,

I shall rise from my coffin

to give you warmth.

And when at night 

the moon refuse to glow,

worry not my love

for the stars w...

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Under The Moonlight

April 28, 2011

When the world is resting,
and the night is still.
When the moon is the only source of light,
Can't help but think of you my love.

As the cold breeze passes by,
It brings shivers down deep in my spine.
Missing once more, the warmth of your love,
Oh, I just can't live when you're not around.

I close my eyes, I see you in the dark,
And feel your presence like a teardrops.
I open my eyes to tremble at your sight,
Holding me close, surrendering your life.

The feel of your body against mine,
Stir a sensation s...

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On Loving... Part 3

April 15, 2011

Those who do not like it call it responsibility.
They play with it, calling it a game.
They are not living with it, calling it a dream.
Those who love each other, call it destiny. 
If we lose love, then there must be a reason behind it.
The reason is sometimes difficult to understand, but we still have to believe
When He took something, He will be ready to give us much better.
We just have to wait patiently.  
Why wait? 
Because even if we wanted to make a decision, we need not want to rush. 
Because e...

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