When we find someone whose uniqueness is in line with our's ...

we join him and fall into a similar oddity 

called LOVE ...

There are things that do not want us to disconnect,

People who do not want us to leave ...

But remember ... that's not the end of the world ..

but the beginning of a

new life ..


Happiness is for those who cry,

those who hurt,

those who have been looking ...

those who have been wanting..

and those who have tried ..

Because they can appreciate

how important the people who have touched their lives ..



Is when you shed tears and still care about it ..

It is when he does not care about you and you are still waiting..

Is when he began to love others and you can still  smile as you say

"I'm so happy for you."

If love does not work ...


Free yourself, let your heart spread its wings and fly...

to be wild again ... 

Remember ... that you may find love

and lost .. 

But when love is gone .. you do not need to die too...


Strongest people is not those who always win ..

remain rigid when they fall.

in the course of life, you learn about yourself 

and realize that regret is not supposed to be there.

It is only eternal appreciation for choices you've made.


True Friends ...

understand when you say

"I forgot .."

Wait forever when you say

"Wait a minute...."

Staying when you say

"Leave me alone"

Opening the door even though you don't knock and say 'Can I come in? "


Loving ...

It is not how you forget .. but how you forgive ..

It is not how you listen to .. but how do you Understand.

It is not what you see .. but what you Feel ..

It is not how you let go .. but how  you Survive.


More dangerous if you shed tears in the heart ... compared to cry

Cry...that flow can be wipe

While a tear in the heart..

which carve hidden wounds will never be lost ..

In matters of love, we rarely win ..

But when Love is Sincere,

despite losing, you still win just because you're happy ...


loving someone more than you love yourself ..

There comes a time where you have to stop loving someone

not because people stop loving us

But because we realize

that person will be happier if we let go.