As I am reading the news on the Sunday's issue of the Phillipine Star about what was happening in the middle east countries, I couldn't help but deeply touched by all my brother Muslims for the emotional and physical anguish their going through. Muslim countries political system is akin to dictatorship we had during the term of the late President Marcos. Their political spectrum only compose of far left and far right with the innocent civillians in the middle.
Many have suffered that could have been avoided. If only men and nations learn to understand and forgive one another, they could settle their differences and rifts amicably. Collateral damage could have been avoided. Peace wouldn't be that elusive. The devastating effects on the people and humankind as a whole, far outweigh the possible benefits (if indeed there are any).
Men of a country and of all nations are brothers bound by their inherent goodness and love for one another. They may be enemies by force of circumstance, but I hope, they could achieve political stability after the storm.